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In a world stunned by Windows and Mac clients, there exist various individuals who normally like the chance ...
5 months ago 0 253
Do you own an iMac or MacBook? Well, you might have faced hurdles playing online poker through your ...
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This program takes care of displaying players' HUDs and equity, stacks and bets, pot odds...
1 year ago 0 845
Poker calculators are generally regarded as beginner software because in most cases they only roughly estimate your chances ...
2 years ago 0 828
A beginner poker player usually evaluates himself extremely primitive: he won – well done, and lost – it ...
2 years ago 0 850
Most programs for analyzing statistics of opponents in poker are focused on cash draws, but Tournament Shark, as ...
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Poker is a rather complex card game, in which it is very important to make the right strategy. ...
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Poker for avid players is not only entertainment and a favorite hobby, but also a great way to ...
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Poker is not a game, the wisdom of which could be mastered on only theoretical examples, but you ...
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You need to know the enemy by sight – this is a common truth, formulated a very long ...
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Ever envied by successful poker players who can make huge amounts of money by doing what they love? ...
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If the deck is short and you won’t be able to play for a long time, then it ...
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Joker Poker
Joker Poker

We are always trying to make Joker Poker the best video poker game!

Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker uses a standard deck of 52 cards plus one joker.

Caribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker

Test out your Caribbean Stud Poker strategy here.

3 Card Poker
3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is played against the dealer using 3 cards hands.