Play Bitcoin Poker – Best Bitcoin Poker Sites & Rooms

Many players use Bitcoin Poker sites because of how secure they are. These sites not only offer user anonymity and transparency, but they also allow users to transact in cryptocurrency, thereby helping users increase their crypto. Bitcoin poker sites also help users transfer cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. These sites usually offer tournaments, Rakeback policies, and games that help users accumulate bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

What Are The 6 Best Bitcoin Poker Rooms?
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There are many available poker rooms on the market today. Here is our list of the six best bitcoin poker rooms.

BetOnline Poker

BetOnline is a big supporter of cryptocurrencies and so accepts deposits with cryptocurrencies. It accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, LiteCoin, and Bitcoin Cash. It is good since you can switch the deposit options depending on the currencies’ fluctuations. It does not offer Rakeback but offers a weekly cash race, which makes up for it. It has many poker games and formats, and it is available in a lot of countries. You also get exclusive bonuses when playing poker with bitcoin, and you can play other gambling games such as slots, sports betting, and blackjack. However, though their software is user-friendly, their website is not. Also, there is no user anonymity.

Bovada Poker

Bovada poker started in August 2017. This site is mobile-friendly and perfect for people that want fast-paced action. The tables are anonymous so, people won’t know your mode of playing. Bovada also allows players to set up multiple tournaments simultaneously for both cash games and tournaments at Bovada. Bovada required a low minimum bet amount. It is the easiest payout of any sportsbook in the poker site community, and it constantly innovates its site. Also, it allows easy deposits and has reliable payments and outstanding customer service. However, lines come out very late in the day in Bovada and, the odds are less favorable than you can find at other sportsbooks.

Ignition Poker

Ignition is the largest US poker site so, it is not strange to find it in action at all hours of the day. There are many tournaments daily, and you can withdraw your bitcoin free of charge. .Ignition accepts US players from all the states except New York, Delaware, Nevada, Maryland, and New Jersey. It is unfortunately not available in other countries. Bitcoin is more popular than other deposit options at Ignition. You will find many poker games and formats on the site, and it also allows for anonymous tables. You will get exclusive bonuses when you play poker with Bitcoin. There are also other games available if you are not a fan of poker. However, it only accepts USD and BTC, making for a limited deposit option.

SwC Poker

SwC poker has a simple interface so, it is perfect for players that want to avoid distractions when playing. It hosts different tournaments and has a backtracking system that gives it a place as one of the best Bitcoin poker sites. They offer Rakeback that goes up to 50%, which you can’t find anywhere else. It has advanced two-factor verification, guarantees anonymity, and has a variety of games. However, it has a small player base and does not give a welcome bonus.

Betcoin Poker

Betcoin poker started as a Bitcoin casino and evolved into a cryptocurrency casino. It accepts Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Thorium, and Ripple. You can only deposit in one currency and withdraw in that same currency. You may find your account terminated if you try to exchange currencies so stick to the one you deposited. Betcoin offers over a thousand games and has more than twenty casino game providers. There are daily freeroll events with a guaranteed 1000μBTC. It has modern software and high Rakeback. It also allows fast deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies. However, there is low traffic and crypto volatility.

Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom (ACR) went through a rough patch in 2018 due to many accounts botting and collusion that went undetected for a while, but it back to business as usual after clearing up most of these issues. ACR has a first deposit bonus of up to $1000 and offers a Rakeback of 27%. In addition to your first deposit bonus, it also has its Elite program and has a wide range of deposit options. It allows using tracking software and HUDs, and all Hand histories are saved in log files. However, there are limited casino games, and it is not available in 7 US states.

Why Should You Play Online Poker That Support Cryptocurrencies?

There are many reasons why you should play online poker that supports cryptocurrencies. They are:

  1. Accessibility: With cryptocurrencies, you can circle the strict and harsh gambling laws that regulate poker and other gambling games. You can fully access these sites since most provide full anonymity, and you can use a VPN for others that don’t offer anonymity.
  2. Anonymity: Sites that offer anonymity guarantee privacy. You can earn money without declaring your name and address.
  3. Lower fees: There are lower fees because there is a transfer of value directly between power players and poker sites, which removes the need for intermediaries. No middle man means lower payments.

Which Legal Bitcoin Poker Room Should You Choose?

Since everyone has different tastes in online crypto poker, it is best to try all the poker sites we mentioned at least once. You will never know if you love a poker site until you try it out. You can even try registering on crypto poker sites that you think are unavailable in your country. You may find that you can access it!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that allows users to process transactions through digital units of exchange. Bitcoin allows for peer-to-peer money transactions which are recorded in a digital ledger. The fascinating thing about this mode of payment is that there is no physical part of bitcoin. It is a code representing a fiat currency value. It is a payment method where you handle transactions without the need for banks and other payment providers. It is also away from the government’s prying eyes. This mode of payment started in 2009 after a release of a white paper explaining the basics of the new technology by an anonymous inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto. These days, you can buy bitcoin on exchanges and wallet services. If you don’t want to maintain a wallet, you can check out other options like Coinbase, where you can buy, store and transact with your bitcoin.

Downloading a Bitcoin Wallet

There are many wallet services online. You can download a bitcoin wallet from, which offers a wallet app. To download a bitcoin wallet from this site, go to your device app store, type in wallet, select Get or Install, then open the app to reveal your BTC and BCH wallets. Like we mentioned earlier, you can find many bitcoin wallet services online. There is Exodus, Electrum, Mycelium, Ledger Nano X, Trezor Model T, and Ledger Nano S. Exodus is best for beginners, and Electrum is for more advanced users. Trezor Model T is for large amounts of cryptocurrencies, and Ledger Nano S is the best for affordable. It all depends on what you want. You can follow the same process with wallet for these wallets. Type in the name of your wallet of choice on your device app store, install, and the app will direct you on how to get your wallets.

How to Buy Bitcoin

You can buy Bitcoin from exchange services, brokers, or any individual. First of all, download and set up your bitcoin wallet, then choose an exchange service. Create an account with the exchange, enter the amount you want to you in either BTC or any accepted currency at the “Buy” section of the exchange, and accept the price quoted for your transaction. Your transaction will then be processed, and your bitcoin will appear in your exchange account. You can then send your bitcoin to your external wallet address. Always keep your private key protected. If you lose the key you will lose access to your wallet.

What are the Main Benefits of Using Bitcoin

There are many benefits to using bitcoin for poker. These benefits include:

  1. Autonomy/Control: Users have more autonomy over their money. They can decide how to spend their money without interference from the bank, government, or other intermediary authorities.
  2. Discretion/Privacy: Bitcoin transactions are not associated with a person’s identity. People will only know you deal in bitcoins if you inform them.
  3. No Banking Fees: Bitcoin users don’t have to pay banking fees such as returned deposit fees and overdraft charges.
  4. Low Transaction Fees for International Payments: The transaction fees for international payments are low since no intermediaries are involved in Bitcoin.
  5. Accessibility: Bitcoin is accessible to everyone as long as they own a computer, a smartphone, or any such device.

Differences Between Bitcoin and Traditional Payments

The differences between bitcoin and traditional payments include:

  1. Bitcoin is subject to deflation caused by artificial scarcity, but traditional payments are not.
  2. There is complete anonymity in Bitcoin transactions which is not so for traditional payments.
  3. With Bitcoin, you will enjoy constant access to your accounts since it exists outside laws, but traditional accounts can be garnished or frozen, or garnished.
  4. One cannot counterfeit cryptocurrencies, but one can counterfeit traditional payments.
  5. Bitcoin is more accessible than traditional payments.
  6. Bitcoin has lower fees than traditional payments.
  7. Government issues Traditional currencies but does not issue bitcoin.
  8. Traditional currencies are physical, but Bitcoins are not.
  9. Central banks and financial reserves control traditional currencies, but they don’t regulate Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Deposit and withdrawal limits differ depending on the bitcoin poker site. Bovada and Ignition both accept deposits as low as $10 with Bitcoin, BetOnline accepts deposits as small as $20 while America’s Cardroom allows a $50 Bitcoin deposit. Bovada and Ignition have unlimited withdrawals, and it usually takes around one day for withdrawals. Americas Cardroom and BetOnline Poker allow withdrawal maximum of $10,000. Betcoin does not have a limit to deposits or withdrawals. SwC has no deposit limit, and its withdrawal limit is 500 chips (0.00000001 BTC = 0.01 SwC poker chips). Betcoin does not have any limit to deposits and withdrawals.

How to Cashout from a Poker Site with Bitcoin

You sell your Bitcoin to cash out from a poker site. You can find a specific process in the ‘Help’ section of your exchange. But generally, login to your exchange account and send the amount you want to withdraw to your exchange wallet if there are no funds there already. At the ‘sell’ section of the exchange, input the amount to sell in BTC or acceptable local currency, confirm the transaction, then wait for funds to appear in your exchange account. You can then withdraw funds from your verified exchange account to your bank account.