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SwC Poker

✅ Excellent built-in rakeback of up to 50%;
✅ Account verification not needed;
✅ Fast cashouts.
  • Excellent built-in rakeback of up to 50%
  • USA players accepted
  • Freerolls every hour
  • Bitcoin payouts within 12 hours
  • All transactions in Bitcoin.
  • No first deposit bonus.

SwC Poker Review

SwC is among the top Bitcoin-only poker sites today. So, you will deposit using Bitcoin. You can play anonymously with the chip conversion system. You can also cash out in Bitcoin. Is SwC Poker the best platform for you? Find out the answer with this SwC Poker Review. 


The original software was known as Seal with Clubs. It was founded in 2012 and was the first-ever poker platform that exclusively used Bitcoin. So, it creates Bitcoin poker. The Seals with Clubs was closed because of legal issues, like a publicized legal battle with Bryan Micon, one of the founders of the site.   

It has an intuitive interface that offers you a summary of available tournaments and cash games. You can enjoy four Poker tables in any browser. It doesn’t need installation on both mobile or desktop. 

SwC Poker Bonus

The platform doesn’t come with a deposit bonus, which is a great strategy to challenge poker players. However, SwC has an excellent rakeback system that rewards regular players. They want to keep the players loyal than making hit-and-run bonus searchers. However, some players still hope for no deposit and deposit bonus in the future.            

SwC Poker Rakeback 

The software has a loyalty program to gain rakeback of about 50%. It has Krill Rewards Program wherein you can collect Krill. These are in-game units rewarded if you encounter a raked hand. You can use Krill to get rewards, including rakeback. 

Other Promotions of SwC Poker 

Aside from the Krill rewards, you can enjoy many promotions as alternatives for the no deposit bonus.

Krill Leaderboard 

It can allow you to gain extra coins as you become active on the platform. The top five players who have the highest earned Krill can get about 10,000 chips weekly. This offer is also accessible on a monthly basis, where the top five players can get up to 30,000 chips. 

You only need to play the cash games and regularly monitor the leaderboard to see if you’re qualified for the reward.                

No Rake Microstakes 

SwC gives attention to expanding its poker ecosystem and making it sustainable. So, they introduce micro-stakes and freerolls games that take no rake. 

24/7 Freerolls

These are poker tournaments you can play for free. It usually comes with small reward pools provided for the top players. These tournaments are accessible on the site every half an hour. It is ideal if you wish to test the real-money software without risk. 

Bad Beat Jackpot

The platform rewards players who encounter bad beats. However, there are particular conditions for receiving the Bad Beat Jackpot. Only colored yellow tables and have ‘Jackpot’ on their names can get this bonus. 

Twitch Bounties

SwC Poker offers rewards to players who attained goals in streaming the live game on Twitch. You should check the list of awards and goals on the site. 

SwC Poker Software  

SwC Poker is powered by the Bitcoin Poker 3.0 software. It provides a user-friendly interface ideal for newbies and experienced online poker gamers. The platform has an excellent navigation system allowing you to filter tournaments and games you aim to play. 

You can sort the tables by stakes, type, name, duration, number of gamers, and average pot. In addition, the software has a global chat box that allows you to connect with other poker players while waiting for the game to start.   

The SwC Poker’s lobby has an intuitive look and feels. You can resize the multitable, table windows, etc. You can access different data like notes, table statistics, transfers, hand history, and more. It has a retro-style with pixel art, which makes it more interesting. 

SwC Poker on Mobile 

You can enjoy the features of SwC Poker on Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, and HTML5. You can enjoy the platform in different mobile browsers. 

SwC Poker Game Selection 

SwC Poker has many game options. 


The variations in cash games are available as tournaments. High rollers can take in tournaments that will require up to 10,000 chips. 

Cash Games 

You can enjoy cash games including Pineapple Hold’em, Hold’em, Omaha, Short Deck, Courchevel, Stud, Razz, 2-7 Triple Draw, Badeucy, Badugi, Chinese and more. They have rare poker types. The stakes begin at 0.02/0.04 up to 200K/ 400K. You can enjoy the games in no-limit, pot-limit, and full-limit formats. 

Sit and Go’s 

The Sit and Go’s of SwC Poker can last for about 20 to 60 minutes. It has short levels, so you should think fast. Here, you can gain a quick buck. The buy-ins start from 25 to 50,000 chips. 

Play Quality at SwC Poker 

Even though SwC Poker is a good platform, it still needs to improve traffic. The amount of participants rarely exceeds 200 during peak hours, with most playing cash games and freerolls like Omaha and Hold’em. 

The tournaments in SwC Poker are not as famous as cash games. The best thing about the platform is that it is a Bitcoin-only site, so it’s not dependent on territory restrictions. 

SwC Poker Customer Support

You can use a chatbox as part of the Bitcoin Poker 3.0 client. You can contact them through Twitter or send an email. The chatbox can offer you a fast response time since their team monitors it 24/7.

The platform’s email for support is support@swcpoker.eu; you can get a response in 24 hours. They have a friendly customer support team you can rely on. The site also comes with helpful pages like Poker Rules and House Rules. 

SwC Poker and Bitcoin

SwC Poker is a Bitcoin-only poker site so that you can use cryptocurrency for withdrawals and deposits. You can have an instant deposit, but withdrawals may take 12 hours to process. 


SwC Poker is a good poker site where you can enjoy many games. It is a Bitcoin-only poker site with turbulent history under the original brand of Seals with Clubs. Meanwhile, the current team of the platform strives to make the platform a more decent poker site for Bitcoin users. 

It has an anonymous functionality and can offer you exciting rewards. It also has a no-download interface to give you the best playing experience. 

Get up to:
50% Rakeback
Anonymous accounts
* Hourly freerolls.
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.3 Overall Rating

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