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Poker freerolls are popular among all players. The principle is that you can play a tournament without buy-in and win real money. In particular, there are many different options: sometimes you can win free real money or tickets to larger tournaments. Online poker sites often offer various freerolls for new and regular customers. Some events are available with a so-called freeroll password. At we offer you access to online poker tournaments with a freeroll password. Our experts have compiled all the details as well as tips and tricks on poker freerolls for you.

All Freeroll Tournaments And Passwords at a Glance

In our exclusive freerolls, our loyal readers can win over $1000 every week with 100% free membership! It starts on Saturday with our weekly $250 Pokerstars Freeroll. On Friday you can play 888poker with a prize pool of $250. The big PartyPoker Freeroll with password takes place every Saturday at 6 p.m. On Sunday, you can win another big real money in the Bet-at-home Poker Freeroll at 5 p.m! Only here you can get passwords for participation in the tournament. Compete with the rest of the poker community and get free credit for your bankroll!

Pokerstars Freeroll – Win $250 every Saturday!

The Pokerstars Freeroll by is by far the largest and most exciting tournament that organizes. Every Saturday hundreds of players try to take first place and win an attractive cash prize with a total value of $250.

Pokerstars is the largest online poker platform in the world, so you will find here most of the cash games, SnGs, and MTTs. In addition to our weekly exclusive Freeroll, there are many other free tournaments where you can win real money to improve your bankroll and really attack your opponents in one of the multi-table tournaments or at the cash game table.

You will receive a password for the Pokerstars Freeroll in the box next to the text. Just wait until the timer runs out and your personal password appears. You can also take a look around to bridge the waiting time and, for example, read through the strategies and tips from our experts.


Unibet Poker Freeroll – Win $250 every Thursday!

The Unibet Freeroll with a total prize pool of $250 is held every Thursday. The Unibet Poker Network hosts players from Scandinavian poker sites, it is also considered to be the preferred gathering place for amateur poker players, and therefore, the abilities of opponents in this tournament are slightly lower than in our other poker freerolls.

This makes Unibet Freeroll ideal for beginners. As a reader, you can enter the tournament for free with our exclusive freeroll password, as well as compete with other players of a similar level and even win real money.

Just wait for the timer next to the given text to run out and copy the password. Then add it to the Unibet Poker lobby when registering for the tournament, and you are good to go. But watch out: due to high demand, starting places quickly take up, so you should hurry up with registration.

888Freeroll – Win up to $250 every Friday at 7 p.m!

888poker is one of the most popular online poker rooms in the world, so of course, we have an exciting freeroll tournament on this site for the loyal readers. 888Freeroll with a large number of participants and exciting chat rooms during the game is the perfect start to the weekend!

888 is a true virtual empire of gambling, so you can use the winnings from the poker freeroll not only at the real money poker tables but also in online casinos, place sports bets and even play bingo.

The 888poker Freeroll password is shown in the box next to this text. All you have to do is wait for the countdown to end. After that, your password for Freeroll888 will appear, which you can use to register for the tournament for free. While you wait for the countdown, you can also take a look around and see our comparison of all the reputable poker sites.

Online Poker Rooms With Freerolls.

Freerolls can be found in almost all online poker rooms. The offer ranges from special freerolls for new players to events with tickets to higher tier tournaments as prizes for regular customers and special events for VIPs. Some tournaments have an unlimited number of players and the event can take many hours, while other freerolls require you to qualify. Also, some tournaments require a freeroll password. Here’s an overview of freerolls from popular poker providers.

Poker siteFreerolls for new playersFreerolls for regular customers
888poker$100,000 Meteor Freeroll
tickets for freeroll deposit
Daily freerolls for VIPs with a prize pool of up to $10,000 depending on the level of loyalty
Freeroll twice a week for a deposit
Pokerstars$250 weekly freerollsLarge selection of daily freerolls
Token package for the first deposit of $12,000Daily freerolls for loyal customers and VIPs

Benefits of Poker Freerolls

Freeroll poker tournaments are so coveted and popular for a reason. When playing online poker for real money, you can use freerolls to fund your gaming account. Participating in freeroll tournaments offers the following advantages:

1. Freerolls Are Free

In poker freerolls, you don’t risk the buy-in. At worst, you are wasting time, and at best, you win real money or tickets to another event. Beginners therefore use the events to approach the real money game with poker freerolls without a deposit.

2. Build Your Online Poker Bankroll

Freerolls give you the chance to win real money without any risk and thus lay the foundation for your poker bankroll. Even if your first deposit was small, your player account will look completely different after winning several freeroll tournaments.

3. Take Advantage of the Learning Effect

Freeroll tournaments attract newbies, but can still teach you something new, especially if you are persistent. In later stages, the dynamics change and you can learn a lot about betting behavior and how to play. With the right strategy, you will be successful in freeroll tournaments.

This is How a Freeroll Poker Tournament Works

Free participation in freeroll tournaments leads to a large number of participants. There are of course only a limited number of players who receive a payout at each tournament and depending on the number of people involved, it can be a long way to get there. Freeroll tournaments are held in stages: on the first one absolute beginners are eliminated, then in the middle of the game the dynamics of the game change. The “bubble” is the percentage of players who progress but do not receive payouts. If you’re “in the money”, you will able to see it, but only at the final table, it will be lucrative.

Early Phase

Freerolls can be chaotic at first, which is not surprising given that there are thousands or more players at the start. Since there is no entry fee and the blinds are very low compared to the stakes, many players play with a lot of their chips and often go all-in to get the chip advantage. But don’t panic: keep your cool and play tight. Only really strong hands pay off at this stage. If you try to play as many hands as possible, you will lose chips. You do not need to personally destroy each enemy, bad players usually quickly loose and leave the game.

Middle of the Tournament

After the initial phase, the middle of the tournament begins. Here it is worth switching to another gear in order to stay in the game. Again, you shouldn’t play too “loose”, but a slightly more aggressive style of play is definitely required. Keep holding your chips together and snagging more without acting rashly. Play strong hands like top pair and be conservative when the flop doesn’t make a good hand. Avoid bluffing and allow yourself a limited amount of semi-bluffs.


A bubble forms before the payout limit with players who can’t see the money. Getting out at this point is frustrating because you’ve already spent a fair amount of time in the game. For many, gambling starts now and gambling decisions are often not made rationally. It’s time to put pressure on others and dare to bluff, especially against players whose stacks have dropped. Collect the blinds from overly cautious players who hesitate to deal, but be careful if you encounter resistance: the opponent usually holds strong cards.

In The Money

If you have come this far, you are “in the money” and will receive a real money payout. Your goal is now to get to the final table. Meanwhile, the blinds have risen accordingly, and if you haven’t built a monstrous stack, you can hardly afford to sit back and wait for good cards. Strategically, now you must be able to bluff. Considered aggressiveness also pays off here. Beware of players with large and small stacks who can call their bets or gamble wildly. The tactic of an extended range helps against the small stacks: don’t be afraid to call all-in with top pair or ace high.

Final Table

Whether you make it to the final table or not, keep the initiative. Better to make active bets and get knocked out of the game than for the blinds to eat your chips while you sit around. To eliminate the last opponents, you should try to figure out how the others played and discard your behavior in the previous phases. When in doubt, revert to the standard style of play. In the last phase of the tournament and at the final table there are fewer players and you need to prove yourself in the short game. Please note that the blinds are high right now and you will have to pay them more often. Don’t keep your range too tight, as the other players will try to play as many hands as possible.

Online Poker Freeroll Tournaments: Strategies, Tips & Tricks

Our poker experts have put together important tips and tricks for you to play online poker freerolls, with which you can create your strategy.

  1. Pay Attention to the Stages of the Tournament. As mentioned above, each freeroll tournament takes place in stages. Be sure to adapt your playstyle for each phase and keep a close eye on your opponents. Do not let yourself be carried away by the irrational gambling of your fellow players into rash actions.
  2. Play tight. Especially at the beginning, many players go all-in, hoping to quickly double their chips. This is where your Poker face is needed: while the blinds are still low, wait for the good cards. Your chance to get chips will come around.
  3. Adapt. The early stages of a tournament are completely different from the final stages, so don’t be caught off guard if the dynamics suddenly change. Tactics are definitely required from the middle of the tournament.
  4. Bluff. In freeroll tournaments, bluffing is difficult because many players call reflexively. In the early stages, it is especially clear how quickly and easily players push their chips in the middle. Only when the style of play changes you can risk semi-bluffs.
  5. Limping. In the early stages, the reaction to a raise is often all-in. You can always bet with a good pair but wait for the flop with more hands. If the flop doesn’t come, push in three or fold.
  1. Aggressiveness. If you have a good pair, you should play the other way around and not just call. With two jacks or better, you should definitely bet aggressively. Players with good hands will call and sometimes win because they never have 100% equity. Still, you can build a good stack this early.
  2. Range. Think about the range of cards in hand for each phase of the tournament that you want to play or raise with. This may mean that you are playing less tight than usual, but the trick is that your range just needs to be a little tighter than most other players.
  3. Blinds. Take advantage of the low blinds in the beginning and remember that in the end, you will have to deal with the high blinds with a supposedly low stack. You can practice this in cash games or fake money. In the early stages, look out for players who have registered but have not entered the tournament: you can easily steal the blinds from the appropriate position, but do not fight other players.
  4. Choose the Right Freeroll Tournament. Freerolls are free but take time. Better to invest your money if you play cash games or Sit & Go instead. The art of lucrative freerolls is to choose the right tournament: the smaller the number of participants, the better. Events with a maximum of 1,000 players and a prize pool of $50 or $100 that goes to the top 15 to 20 players or a similar payout structure are often ideal.
  5. Play Lots Of Freerolls. As you have seen, freerolls are different from cash games and regular tournaments. If you want to master freerolls, you cannot avoid participating in many tournaments. At the same time, you should not transfer the acquired knowledge about freerolls to the regular game, as you will face different opponents and different ways of playing. If you register at multiple poker rooms, you can benefit from various freerolls for new players or use the PartyPoker Freeroll passwords.

Other Important Tips And Strategies

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Bluff: As mentioned in this guide, it’s important to learn how to bluff even in online poker freerolls. In this guide, we’ll show you how and when to bluff to gain an edge at the poker table.