Online Poker Rakeback: Poker Sites With the Highest Cashback

Rakeback is reimbursement of fees charged by online poker rooms or casinos for playing poker games. A low rake means you pay a small commission, while a high Rakeback means you get a large portion of it refunded. Typically, poker providers award points for the rake and the entry fees. The collected points can then be exchanged for cash, bonus credits, or other rewards. The most attractive is the Rakeback program, which gives you a cashback, but some poker rooms also include Rakeback in their loyalty programs. We’ve compared the options of the best online poker providers and bring you the top 10 poker sites with a rewarding Rakeback.

Top 10 Poker Sites With the Best Rakeback

Poker ProviderTypeMinimumMaximumSpecial Features
PartyPoker$1 rake = 1 point.20%
25 points = $5.
2000 points = 800 $ (thereafter 40% per 200 points)
Cashback credit can be paid out
888pokerPoints.2%.36%.Points can be exchanged for cash or bonuses
Ladbrokes Poker$1 rake = 10 points.13.3%
$ 3,000 (per 137,000 points).
Points required depending on VIP level
Unibet Poker$1 rake = 10 points.500 points = 5 €.29%
10,000 points = 300 €.
Points depending on loyalty level
Everest Poker$1 rake = 10 points.$50 (per 4000 points).$2000 (per 115,000 points)Instead of cashback, you can also receive tournament tickets
Bet-At-HomePrices for points.$0.50 ticket/$ 20 freeroll.Cash prize €1.000 /€ 800 freeroll (per 5000 points).Not real rakeback
PokerStars$1 Rake = 100 points.$0.07.$ 1,000.No rakeback, loyalty program only
Full Tilt Poker$1 rake = 100 points.$ 0.07.$ 1,000.No rakeback, loyalty program only
Titanpoker$1 rake = 20 points 100 points = $ 1 cashback.$25 (5000 points).20%
$ 8,000 = 788,000 points.
Various loyalty programs
Rakeback table

The column on the left contains the names of the respective online poker sites, which are already sorted accordingly, so you can find the most attractive offer at the top. In the rake columns, you can see how the turnover or rake you earned is rewarded and how much credit or percentage you can receive at least and at most. Any special features of the respective Rakeback program are indicated in the column in the right.

The Rakeback Offers of the Top Poker Sited in Detail

In the following section, we will take a closer look at the Rakeback programs of the listed poker rooms.

1. PartyPoker

At Partypoker, you earn 1 point for every $1 in rake generated in real money games. Cashback is returned weekly and requires at least 25 points. You have to register to participate every week. If you are at a higher VIP level, you will receive more points for the points accumulated. A maximum of 40% cashback is possible. The money will be added to your account in cash and can be withdrawn without any conditions.

2. 888poker

At 888 Poker, you also collect points at the club while you play and can upgrade your loyalty to various levels. In addition to points, there are also tokens for rewards and prizes as well as free tournaments. With a higher VIP level, you will receive better compensation and can achieve a maximum Rakeback of 36%.

3. Ladbrokes Poker

At Ladbrokes, you also earn points for playing cash games and tournaments. In the six-tier club, you can move up and receive a cashback, tournament tickets, and awards. As you level-up, you get a better Rakeback percentage.

4. Unibet Poker

Unibet allows you to collect unlimited points that can be converted back to cash. When you have accumulated a certain number of points, you will advance to the next level and get the best Rakeback for your game. At the highest level, you can earn up to 29% Rakeback.

5. Everest Poker

Everest Poker also has an extensive loyalty program with points and levels. You decide whether you want to be rewarded in the form of cashback or whether you want to receive tournament tickets. The Everest Poker League also hosts special Sit & Go tournaments for the best players and the most diligent point collectors.

6. Bet-At-Home Poker

There is no real Rakeback program at Bet-At-Home Poker. Under the name Cash Climber, you can take part in so-called missions, for which you collect points for each mission. These points can be exchanged for rewards such as tickets or cash prizes.

7. PokerStars & Full Tilt Poker

At Full Tilt Poker, you play on the PokerStars network, so the rake and Rakeback programs are identical. PokerStars does not offer Rakeback as such. Instead, there is a minimum rake and loyalty program. You will also receive points here for your gaming activity in all gaming offers. Then you can win certain rewards depending on your points and your preferences. Your loyalty level also affects the size of your rewards.

8. Titan poker

Titan Poker also rewards points for your game. You can receive a maximum of 20% rakeback per week. As part of the loyalty program with various VIP levels, you can also opt for other rewards.

This is how Rakeback is calculated

There are basically three different ways that poker providers can calculate the cashback amount:

  • In the so-called contributed or partial rakeback, the decisive factor is whether the player has contributed to the pot. Only then is there a reward.
  • The opposite is dealt rakeback, in which the use of the games does not matter. Here the rakeback amount is distributed to all players who have received cards.
  • Progressive rakeback depends on the number of hands played or rake paid. If you play more and pay more rake, you will receive more refunds.

In online poker rooms, you will almost always find a variant of the progressive Rakeback. This is the case with all the poker sites listed above: you collect points based on the rake you generate. These are then paid or credited to you as Rakeback or as part of a loyalty program. The different VIP levels or loyalty levels of individual poker providers also ensure that frequent players receive a higher proportion of Rakeback.

What to Consider When Using Rakeback

To assess the attractiveness of the rakeback program, you need to look not only at the cashback offer but also at the prepaid rake. If all you have to do is give up a small commission as a share of the house, you only get a small amount of Rakeback. However, net income can be better than paying high rake fees and getting 30 % or more of that amount as credit. There are gamblers who play cash games including rake more or less to zero and then book the Rakeback as net profit, but the effort involved calls this approach into question.

The right combination of rake and Rakeback will definitely help you optimize your real money winnings in online poker by paying the operator as few fees as possible. However, the main focus of your poker strategy should be to maximize your winnings, as this is how you will be most successful in cash games and tournaments, regardless of the game situation.