How to Flop a Monster?

Have you ever wondered how to flop a monster in poker? Do you know what it takes and how fun it becomes once the job is done? 

Every poker hand consists of some monsters on both end and total trash in between those monsters. Players with monsters fly think they are invincible. Therefore, trash hands seem unable to beat monsters. Can you rely on a trash hand to beat a monster? 

Seasoned poker players believe trash is much easier to tackle than a monster. Continue reading to learn a better way to tackle a monster hand to draw more value in the pot. Once you know it is a monster, re-raise or go all-in. You might beat the opponent and win a huge pot!

Is It Really a Monster or Nuts?

The moment that amazing event of flopping a monster takes place, you should ask “whether you got the absolute Brazils or is it a monster that’s currently the nuts and can be beaten”. 

Suppose you have successfully flopped the nut flush whereas your opponent has flopped a set with a full house or re-draws. You should observe the contrast when flopping quads with over card or no straight flush.  

You have to be aware of the current nuts, which do not look the absolute Brazils. Such type of horrible incidents of being drawn out on does not occur too often. However, when playing a no-limit game, only such situations turn moments like nirvana into hell. Your entire stack can disappear!

You have to notice the entire texture of the board and opponents’ betting action to know whether your monster will survive or go south. Once the picture is clear, you can take appropriate actions accordingly in the next move. 

Is Slow Play a Good Solution?

The answer is not a straightforward yes! This tactic depends on the potential vulnerability of the monster hand you got. You have to assess how you can extract the maximum value from this hand. 

Do not waste the opportunity!

It will be a complete waste of monster if you use it just to win. You should focus on winning big and you will have to take aboard as many opponents as possible. Drive a train filled with passengers to make a huge profit. You won’t gain a huge pot if you get overly joyful or frisky after receiving a monster!

Work to become a chip leader!

You do not deserve a monster if you can’t win more than the blinds! You have to take full advantage of what you have been dealt. If you wonder you are over the moon with the hand, let your opponents take off. Let them believe they can beat you and thus you can draw more money to the pot. 

Offer some rope so that your opponents can hang for a while. Cut the rope when the pot is big enough to make your stack of chips bigger than all the opponents got on the table. 

Carefully Assess the Current Table Image! 

You should always assess how those opponents perceive you. Do they think you are the most inactive player on the table or an aggressive guy without any tactical plan?

Your image on the table can change with the strength of your hands. Do opponents believe your cards dictate the actions you take during the game? If yes, they will consider you a newbie according to your style. 

Keep assessing how your opponents evaluate your game:

Good players are never tired of observing opponents and their moves. They carefully assess your style of play and how you deal with both good and bad hands. You should know what your opponents think about your game if you want to take full advantage of a monster. You may fail to gain an upper hand if you don’t know how your opponents perceive you. 

Create an illusion that your monster will never fail!

You got a wide range of hands to create an illusion of action. You have to convince others that you can flop a monster. Even though you play a tight game, opponents must believe that your monster won’t fail. Only the most experienced opponent can guess your position. Other opponents only react to the bet size that you showdown with. 

Consider the Position Carefully:

The position has always been an important consideration in poker. You have to invest money to make the monster more valuable. Do it in a way that you aren’t chasing any customer. Besides, you have to ensure that your performance is not considered too cute. Only an opponent with top re-draws should be able to beat you!

Drawing more chips in the pot:

Suppose you have played aggressively pre-flop, gained some callers, and now out of position because the monster has flopped. It is the right time to make a continuation bet because all your opponents are waiting for it. 

Opponents have certainly got something to call the pre-flop raise you have made. It looks quite suspicious if you go for a check-raise and most opponents might check behind you. 

It will simply make you reach the goal of drawing more chips to the pot. Make half of your opponents quit if you really got a strong monster. Assess the bet size carefully before you make the next decision. Suppose you got a pot committed opponent, you are going to take his entire stack of chips!

Assess the game texture:

It is not possible to know opponents’ poker tendencies if your first hand is a big monster. You cannot assess the board texture in such a situation. Suppose you are playing on a mixed table, you have to assess the position of different opponents. 

Let some smart guys believe you are bluffing and raise whenever possible. They will follow you and fill the pot with more chips. Thus, you can gain a huge pot at the time of showdown. 

Let the Opponent Do your Work:

Suppose there is an aggressive player at the table, he will do most of the work for you. Check the monster you got and its position in the post-flop scenario. The aggressive player will draw more players because they might like to beat him. 

Your opponents will fill the pot, even if they got a marginal hand. You can sit quietly and enjoy the game. Make a huge bet when the time is right and let the aggressive one go for it. His chips will soon be under your fingers. 

Final thoughts:

A monster hand offers you a chance to enhance your stack size significantly. It is up to you that how you tame that monster and unleash it when the time is right! Follow the suggested guidelines to take advantage because the monster doesn’t appear quite often.  

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