The Continuation Bet Strategy

The continuation bet concept is when you raised the pot as a pre-flop raiser because you missed the flop. It can also be termed as C-bet. It shows that the players have continued to grab the opportunity, which is called a continuation bet.

When the opponent has checked the flop, the continuation bet can be used. The reason for using this bet is that it does not improve the flop. This can be a default choice action by many poker players. 

In this article, we will give information about continuation bet. We will also suggest few strategies that you should use when the opponent is using the continuation bet.

The Motive Of Continuation Bets

As we discussed, this strategy is used when the flop does not improve a hand. In this case, you can attack your opponent aggressively without taking care of holding. Sometimes there are chances that you can win the pot amount.

The continuation belt can also be used two reverse a bluff. When you have a strong hand and like to build the pot, you may choose continuation betting. But in the end, the main aim is to win the pot amount solely.

Betting Against A Number Of Opponents

When there are fewer appointments, you may face high success in winning the pot when you use a continuation bet. Consider the following guide for continuation betting:

  • Continuation bet when almost 100% are heads up.
  • Continuation bet for around 50% of the amount when you are playing against two players.
  • Continuation bet for amount around 25% when you are playing against three players.

Continuation betting when playing against more than one opponent will make your game unpredictable sometimes. If more than four players are playing, you will have to hit the flop beforehand.

Understanding The Gaming Table 

Keep this in your mind, when you have Jack, queen, and king, there are high chances that the opponent may have a match of one of these cards in their hand.

The combination of the flop is also very necessary to understand. These cards will be very well coordinated on the board that gives a high number of draws. 

Here are a few examples in which you can use continuation batting:

Example 1

When the flop is ace of diamond, jack of diamond, and 8 of spades. At this time, you should not continue as a bet. Because you may miss your high cards, and there will be no potential in your cards. Now you will have to fold to see if you can draw on your turn.

Example 2

When you have two of diamonds, seven of clubs, and four of clubs. This is a very different situation where your opponent may check that it is a time to continuation belt. They will try to take the pot. If your hand value is more than your opponent, it would also be good for you if you make a continuation.

Remember that it is essential for you to play with different hands similarly. If you make continuation bags of fun, the flop will lose, and you will also lose your strong hand. 

If you intend to compete with the opponents, you need to take advantage of constant continuation betting, giving you a chance to get some good hands to make your gameplay strong.

Size Of Your Betting 

If you are playing without limits, you need to set some boundaries in order to decide and plan your continuation bet. There are many factors that contribute to your decision to continuation betting. They are:

  • The tendency of the opponents 
  • Size of the stacks
  • Your imagination and analysis
  • Your hand that you are holding 

It is very important to be consistent while you are betting, so continuation bets can be the same size of the post-flop. 

It is not a necessary rule that you can make a continuation bet, but you will have to make adjustments in the game and betting as for your experience, and it is the nature of this game.

The Opponents Playing On The Table 

In poker, to have a successful play, it is important to have knowledge about your opponents. If you check after the opponent calling for continuation bad, you check his intention and weakness you can bet to win the pot amount.

These are the main criteria that a poker player should work on. During a situation, you ought to be in opposition that can bet the half pot. There will be odds that are excellent drawing in your favor. 

Therefore, if you recognize and understand your opponent player, it is going to bring the odds in your favor.

Hitting Back The Continuation Bet 

Now let’s discuss the same situation when the opponent does this. Well, this can be a battle between you both. 

You can be observant in order to improve your decision-making during the game. You need to think about the player, whether he is aggressive or how well he plays. Players like to watch or flop and feel to compel continuation bat at the end of their action.

Hence, know your opponent and his tendencies, and this knowledge will play a perfect role in your game.

Reversing The Game Play

This game can be used in many fields to get to know your competitor’s strategy. This can be the best way to overcome the opponent who is continuation betting. 

The following questions, when asked to yourself in your mind, can be determined if the opponent is continuation betting:

  • When we play regularly, does he continuation bet all the time?
  • Does the player warrant call based upon the power of my hand?
  • Based on the abilities of the player, is he making an attempt to steal the pot?
  • If you find the players stealing, the pot thinks that should you raise, call or fold.

This way, you can use the reverse play mechanism for continuation play.

Looking For Meaning Behind The Opponent’s Bet

There are many bad times, but there is nothing worse than a continuation bat attempt that may face the relation of the value of the whole time.

You should observe your opponents’ batting pattern and understand how they play the game. This knowledge will help you make decisions in the game and let you win the game. 

Evaluating the opponent’s strategy is necessary because it helps you analyze your competitors and increase your chances of winning the pot.

Summing Up

As one of the intense focus strategy continuation betting should be employed when the need meets the above mentioned criteria. The continuation betting should present the ploys that you should involve in your game.

Poker doesn’t say that every time there is a pre-flop; the competitive will be aggressive and predictable. Sometimes it becomes difficult to exploit the opponent, so you need to observe your opponent carefully.

It would be best if you determined who among the opponents you are playing, does not understand the gameplay and the tactics you use. 

Hence, inculcating the different tricks and strategies to compete with your opponents is very essential to learn for a poker player. 

We hope that you got all the information you needed about the gameplay. Go ahead and grab your opportunity with the continuation bet strategy. Happy gaming!

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