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In no-limit Holdem, the first thing to check is that you don’t mistake a “bet” with a “raise”. ...
1 year ago 0 704
In the last decade, one version of the most famous poker in the United States has stood out ...
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During a poker game, several players lose track of their actions and forget their next move. You need ...
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Teddy KGB is a fictional feared character from the iconic poker movie Rounders of 1998. The movie earned ...
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The interesting game of poker has its own rules and algorithms to follow. Although the game relies on ...
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The Straddle Bet of Poker is the additional bet placed before dealing with the cards. The bet is ...
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The wet board texture connects the many potential hands or has multiple draws. For instance,   , or   , would ...
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Run it twice means when two players come together to an agreement and discuss their terms for it. ...
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On a table of poker, there are odds of hitting a flush, a straight, or other probabilities in ...
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A flush is a sequence containing five same suited cards. Now, the odds of hitting your flush may ...
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The No-Limit Texas Hold’em is a classic game of betting and gambling. This game is the most popular ...
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The hand that contains a sequential rank of five same-suited cards, for example, Q♥ J♥ 10♥ 9♥ 8♥, ...
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Joker Poker
Joker Poker

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Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker uses a standard deck of 52 cards plus one joker.

Caribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker

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3 Card Poker
3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is played against the dealer using 3 cards hands.