What Is The Big Blind Ante?


During a poker game, several players lose track of their actions and forget their next move. You need to remind them about paying an ante in the game constantly. Moreover, the WSOP in the initial week involves many amateur dealers due to their hiring process.

This way, the dealing becomes slow-paced while asking for antes also slows down the game. So what exactly is a big blind ante? Let’s get to the root of it.

The Big Blind Ante

Rather than a consolidated ante, a big blind ante involves the designation of one ante player, and they make the payment on behalf of everyone. Traditionally speaking, it is either of the button or the big blind (BB).

Different locations have different approaches to dealing with it in amounts. Usually, a full nine-handed ring game involves a full amount of 1 BB. Moreover, relying on factors like the place, it is generally expected to be among 6-7 players at the table. If the players are lesser in number, it is instead a small blind (SB).

Understanding With An Example

For instance, let’s assume a game level of 1,000/2,000, and the antes are in the game as well, with 2,000 being the full ante. While the players put in the SB and BB, the BB will be chipping 4,000 chips since 2,000 is the ante in this case.

However, if the table is short-handed and has fewer players than the number 6, the BB will be chipping in 3,000.

Upsides And Downsides

Big blind antes are an excellent idea for dealers and players since it stimulates the game’s speed. As a player, each of you might have gone through a table with at least one player that needs constant reminders at every hand. Such antes slow down the game as well.

However, not all players regard BB as a great idea. The reasons could be two-fold. During a chop pot, the BB tends to lose money.

In other cases, where the BB possesses less than a BB and an Ante, they need to prioritize their move. If they put in ante and all-in for less than a big blind or go the other way remains the choice. This action affects the BB as consequences may be a real win or a win from the pot.

Furthermore, paying a BB is risky as the level where antes take the call could go straight down from 40 BB to 20 BB, for instance, since the compulsion of paying a double BB.


The good news in the market today is that the WSOP has revealed its intentions to deal with such situations. In the pursuit, however, if they succeed in correcting them, things will fall into place.

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