You need to know the enemy by sight – this is a common truth, formulated a very long time ago and since then has repeatedly proved its eternal relevance. When playing poker and hoping to win, you must correctly assess who you happen to be at the same table with. It is much easier to do this if you have detailed statistics for each player at hand, and the Whotfru service is engaged in providing it. A paid subscription gives the player the ability to quickly get all the information about the opponent!

The service provides statistics of players from the top five poker rooms, so it is highly likely that he knows something about the person with whom you are playing right now.

How to register?

Whotfru is not a program, but a site where you need to create an account. The registration procedure itself is extremely simple and takes a maximum of a minute, but on the start page you will not receive any particularly valuable information, except for materials that teach how to work with the service, and a reminder that you have not bought a license yet.

To get access to the full functionality, you need to subscribe to a paid subscription in the corresponding section of your personal account. It is presented in two versions – for players up to NL200 and no-limit.

In both cases, it is more profitable to take a long-term subscription, since the administration of the service has provided serious discounts for those who have serious plans for Whotfru. You can pay either through PayPal or by transfer from a bank card, bitcoin is also accepted for payment.

What can Whotfru do?

The key feature of the service is to provide the user with the most comprehensive information about the opponent. Want to know what his win rate is, how much he won, how many hands he played, or what type of game he prefers? You are always welcome, and this is just a small fraction of all Whotfru functionality.

By understanding how your opponent plays, you will have a better chance of choosing the right strategy that will allow you to defeat your opponent or, in case of total bad luck, leave the party with minimal losses. In addition, the system collects information about your game, which provides good food for looking at yourself from the outside and objectively analyzing your capabilities. 

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