What Is The Purpose of Blinds?


For starters, there are two primary blinds, the small blind (SB) and the big blind (BB). The small blind is put in by the player to the left of the dealer. The following player to the left places the big blind. For a game of two, the player on the dealer button places the small blind, and the other places the big blind.

Let’s get into the details of the blinds and their purposes in poker.

The Blinds

After you deal the card, the rule here is that the player with the big blind gets to bet first. If any of the rest of the players call the big blind, the BB receives another chance to raise. This is what is known as the live blind. The betting round ends with the checking of the live blind.

Typically, the amount bet for the big blind is the minimum, while the small blind is half the big blind. However, when the big blind value is an unusual denomination, the small blind is rounded up to the closest practical sum.

For instance, in a live table game where the big blind amount is $3, the small blind is typically $1 or $2. This is because most casinos are against the distribution of greater quantities of $0.50 poker chips.

The Purpose Of Blinds

Nothing is ethically wrong with using blinds. Blinds pass through all the table players following the Round Robin method. Some of the critical purposes of blinds are as follows:

  • Blinds enable a minimum of one player (SB) to lose chips in the game. This encourages them to take part in the hand.
  • Making sure that a tournament advances, you will find that blinds terminate short stacks. This keeps behind the strong poker players in the tournament.
  • Blinds enhance the flexibility of the game. They open the gates to big raises and blind steals.
  •  In games that involve cash, blinds offer the players the opportunity to select a game of their choice as per the money they have.


Omaha and Texas Hold’em often play without the use of antes. This is the reason why they use blinds. They allow the players to fold without a bet. Blind bets implement regular costs for participation in the game.

You can also play without blinds. Generally, poker is played without blinds involving everyone putting in ante in exchange for cards.

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