Simple PreFlop

Preflop is the defining phase of a poker game, at which the player must decide on his winning strategy. Not every player is able to demonstrate the necessary foresight without delay, especially if he is not too experienced, but the programmers have already done everything for you – in particular, the Simple PreFlop program, based on the entered game parameters, will think over the most effective actions for you. The license costs 349 bucks, but it’s worth it – not only will you win more often thanks to it, but over time you will learn to quickly select the right strategy depending on the situation.

What Simple PreFlop Can Do?

Despite the word “simple” in the name of the software, the program is a complex analytical tool aimed at in-depth forecasting of all scenarios for the development of events in the game. She can be safely called “smart” thanks to the following skills:

  • work preflop in most popular poker disciplines;
  • propose strategies and adequately assess equity depending on the pre-flop situation;
  • adapt to the computing capabilities of a particular computer and effectively use hardware for your own calculations;
  • efficiently and accurately calculate GTOs for Texas Hold’em;
  • use abstractions for postflop values ​​in calculations in order to consume less device RAM and give results faster.

Efficiency of calculations and quick calculation of all possible options create a significant load on the PC, therefore Simple PreFlop is definitely not the program that can be installed on any antediluvian laptop. If even an outdated XP can appear as an OS, then RAM will be required from 16 gigs, and a processor – at least i5. There are also requirements for the screen resolution – in order to evaluate all the information at a glance, you need a display with at least 900 pixels vertically. 

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