Everything should know about Irish poker rules and gameplay

Irish poker is one of the types of poker games. This game is easy to play online as well as offline versions. This poker has a combination of both the Omaha poker and Texas Hold’em game rules. To know more about Irish poker rules and gameplay scroll down the article. 


What are the rules of the Irish poker game?

The gameplay has similar game rules like Omaha poker and Texas Hold’em. The Irish poker play with 4 hole cards. However, after the flop, you have to discard 2 cards. The remaining gameplay is similar to the Texas hold’em game strategy. 

  • Each pre-flop action is similar to the Omaha poker hand (game). The very first player of the game which is left to the agent button puts a small bet. However, the second player of the game to the left put a big bet. 
  • Each player dealt with a small bet of 4 cards in starting. The game starts to the left of big bet and moves around the poker table. 
  • Every flop is dealt with three community cards similar to hold ’em or Omaha poker. The second round of the bet starts with the player who closes to the left of the button. 
  • When the game round has concluded the abide players have to discard their 2 cards. This part of the game is played just like poker Texas Hold’em. 

Tricks to win Irish poker

Whenever you are entering the game. Some of the necessary tricks must keep in your mind. Following are the game you are searching for: 

  • (AAKK, KKQQ, KKJJ, QQJJ) etc. are double big pairs.
  • (Ah8hKd10d, As10sQh9h) etc. are double-suited pairs in the poker game.
  • These are the wraps (KQJT, QJT9, J1098, 10987), etc. 
  • In Irish poker, high pairs hold with middle connectors such as (KKJT, QQJ10, KKJ9, and QQ109), etc.

However, in the game, if your cards could not work as pre-flop hands. Then go for another poker game.

Things to need when playing Irish poker drinking 

Irish poker drinking game is simple to learn and play. It is the most popular game type of Irish poker. This game holds its gameplay variations and rules. However, you will require the following things to play the Irish poker drinking game:

  • Beer hands
  • Team of players around 3 to 6
  • Deck of cards

In this gameplay, you have to phase two rows of 4 cards. Each card has a face-down in the center of the table. Furthermore, players have to phase another more 4 cards and face down. The game starts with the player left to the dealer. Every player has to guess their unexposed cards. When the player guesses the right color of the cards. He/she will be ‘give’ two drinks. This process will spread among other players in the game. Once the first round of the game has been completed, the second round begins. The game continues until all players guess their own four cards. 

You will find the best online sites to play Irish poker in different game variants. Such as no limit formats and pot limit. Online poker sites offer live tournaments and card games. 

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