14 Best Poker Course for 2024

Based on 400+ hours of in-depth research and testing

Poker training might not seem interesting at first but proves to be fruitful for you in upgrading your game sense, strategy, and overall know-how. If you are looking to build and grow as a poker player, taking out time and learning new techniques can add to your profile a considerable amount. Choosing which poker course is beneficial for you might be a tough job to determine.

In this article, I have handpicked a few of the top courses available online that are training courses in the form of manuals, tournaments, or video courses with all the different strategies and efficient add-ons.

🏆 Top Poker Courses Online (2024)

Let us have a look at the top poker courses with all the major and minor details included:


Pokercode is one of the top courses offered online with a team of professionals and a Pokercode community ready to add to your poker experience and strategy. Pokercode, was founded by one of the German poker greats known as Fedor Holz. He heads the team of professional poker players that have hashed out an all in one course for you to improve and build on your strong points and point out your weaker aspects of the game.

Pokercode helps poker players achieve expertise by offering online interactive sessions, quizzes, tournaments that you can follow and learn from a great deal. The community, the tools, and the professional format associated with the Pokercode is something that can bring out the best in you as a poker player. If you are looking to raise your poker strategy and willing to test your mettle Pokercode is just what you need.

Some of the top features offered by Pokercode are listed below:

  • 100+ Lessons
  • 20 Topics
  • Several Channels
  • Online quizzes
  • Pokercode Community


UpswingPoker helps to add that extra flair and tricks up the sleeve that can differentiate you from other ordinary players on the table with their professional courses available online.

UpswingPoker, was founded by poker playing sensations Ryan Fee and Doug Polk. The site offers different poker courses to improve and build your poker strategies with all the techniques needed to master the poker game.

UpswingPoker offers both free and premium courses on the online platform that you can utilize to take your level up a few notches. With different strategies, tactics, and training tools the platform helps you in testing and improving your poker skills.

The platform offers an elite team of professionals that are willing to share their personal experiences, expertise, and strategic tips to help you evolve as a professional.

The variety of offerings of the UpswingPoker are as follows:

  • Poker courses (Free and Premium)
  • Poker strategies (Tips and Tricks)
  • Online Quizzes
  • Professional Consulting Team
  • A variety of Poker tools


Pokernerve has courses available on the platform that are specially designed by the Australian Poker sensation known as Kelvin Beattie, renowned for his exceptional MTT skills. His Road to success course available on this platform is considered one of the best online courses available in the market, suitable for both beginners and professionals alike.

Pokernerve adds to your poker skill level by offering you multiple courses that can aid you by adding value to different segments of your game. You can improve specific areas of your game by slowly engaging in tournaments and leagues organized for registered members on this platform. If you want to enhance your overall poker experience and skillset, then Pokernerve is ideal for you.

The platform provides its registered members with the following features:

  • Strategy-Based Content
  • Interactive sessions
  • Poker videos
  • POK based learning strategies
  • Multiple Premium Courses

Udemy-Crush Micro Stakes Online Poker Course

If you are a beginner looking to enhance and improve your poker strategy, the Udemy-Micro Stakes Course is ideal for you. Whether you are struggling with the tricks required to elevate your game or want to learn the skills to become a professional poker player, this course will grab your hand and take you through the whole process of becoming a professional that knows how to crack the Micro stakes.

With the cutting-edge techniques taught in this course with the availability of heaps of online videos, resources, and articles, you can become a person capable of owning the micro stakes. With all the knowledge of the basics, rules, tips, strategies, and tricks, you can own the poker tables with time to spare.

Maximize your earnings and profits by enrolling in the Micro stakes course, as it will help your skills to grow by offering key concepts and techniques in the 23-hour learning course. The other important aspects of this course are as follows:

  • 160+ HD videos lectures
  • 24-hours of learning material
  • Poker Articles-Tips and Tricks
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Certification on completion

MasterClass-Daniel Negreanu

MasterClass is a platform that offers a course that covers almost every aspect of the poker game. The subtle details and key concepts are all gathered under a single outline that is available on MasterClass.

MasterClass offers the course of the most successful poker professional in the history of the game Daniel Negreanu. A 6-time world champion with all the experience, extreme skillset, and tricks is here for you in this course offering regular classes to enhance your professional set of skills.

The pivotal theories, strategies, and techniques to master the poker table get taught in this course. With an elite panel of coaches, your overall skill level will get skyrocketed. You will go through all the details of how to get into the skin of opponents and make them nervous, resulting in a fortune for yourself.

The poker course follows a full-body plan, starting from a beginner’s perspective and leading to a more advanced, professional, and effective outline.


RedChipPoker is a more academic outline-based course that follows a more structured way of going through different techniques, strategies, and tricks related to poker.

The course is set up by professionals of different expertise that add up all the expertise related to the game in a single multipurpose professional script. Several sessions and classes get organized to take the beginners in a step by step way towards professionalism.

Key details, strategies, and insights are available in the course that gets explained during sessions, the experience of crunch situations and a more productive, efficient conduct gets followed. The course offers:

  • 200-In-depth Lessons
  • Online Quizzes
  • Tournament courses


RunItOnce is a community-based poker website with more than 100 professionals from the poker industry. Several courses are available for poker enthusiasts with different problems.

RunItOnce has courses available for beginners and professionals designed by renowned names of the industry. The platform has more than 5000 online instruction videos available for members to follow and enhance their poker level.

The courses primarily focus on providing you with the best tools to offer enhanced solutions that set you apart from your opponent. The tricks, tips, and techniques featured in these courses enable beginners to become players with high skillsets. The active community helps you to engage in tournaments, leagues to practically implement your technical skills.

The site offers:

  • Professional instructional videos
  • Several essential courses
  • Multiple Forums
  • Gaming Community


If you are looking for a tried and true platform where many accomplished poker professionals have earned a great fortune, then AdvancedPokerTraining is the platform you have been looking for.

Steve Blay is the founder of this platform, who is a poker professional with unmatched achievements in his career. The course offers the feature of advanced and targeted advice on every critical segment of the sport. It provides general basics, strategies, tips, and advanced professional tricks to level up your game.

Unique challenges, leagues, and tournaments are available on this platform for people to apply the knowledge gained through this platform to work in critical situations. It also provides you with weekly analytics of how well you perform.

It has a unique feature of a virtual advisor that enables players to understand different aspects during the challenges, increasing their overall thought process.

Udemy-Poker Math for No Limit Holdem

The Poker Math Udemy Course is designed to grow the math skills required to perform well in a no-limit Holdem game. The course highlights key concepts and fundamentals of mathematics that are essential for any professional to overcome crunch situations and come out on top. Professionals have designed this course in a way that you can implement each aspect learned during a poker table.

With the relevant skills of mathematics, players have a considerable advantage over opponents right before the start of play. Even experienced players that have not implemented mathematical knowledge yet can enroll in this course.

The course contains knowledge of the following:

  • Probability and odds of knowledge
  • Pot Equity
  • The rule of 2s and 4s
  • Bluffs and Hero Calls


PloQuickPro is an online poker platform that focuses on the importance of the famous no limit Holdem game. It contains all the essential details of the PLO game.

PloQuickPro offers free courses, tricks, tips, and techniques to achieve the success rate that you desire. All the details are essential for players that are willing to take in technical advancements in their game.

Play challenges and get blueprints related to the PLO or Omaha Holdem to increase the chances of your success and muster up a few stacks of dollars. It holds good for both PLO professionals and beginners.


PokerWarmUp is an online platform for poker enthusiasts that offers a way to enhance your gaming skills by playing a warm-up before going out to play the high-stake game.

Just before any sports players do a little warmup session before the actual game, this is what PokerWarmUp offers players before the big game. To bring out your game you need to have a practice session just before the start.

Through the PokerWarmUp platform, you can adjust yours over goals and targets that motivate you and inspire you to outperform. You can also eliminate the shortcomings that you have during the warmup. There is also a feature of creating a checklist for your poker table.

MasterClass-Phil Ivey

MasterClass is a platform that offers an all in all course covering every aspect of the poker game. The key concepts, targeted strategies and techniques all gathered under a single course available on MasterClass.

The Phil Ivey MasterClass course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn different poker strategies from the 10-time world series champion himself. The outline of the course is similar to an academic structured lesson plan. Since the tips are coming from a professional poker player, they are actually quite useful.

The course covers all the classic enigmatic ways to make your opponent nervous, and under pressure. It contains all the crunch game time strategies that you can implement in our game to become a professional poker player. Choose this course if you want to learn the ins and outs of poker and how to improve your chances of winning.

Poker FAQs

Why go for a poker training course?

In this age of information technology, there are tutorials and courses for almost anything that you want to learn. Poker is no different. The courses for learning the game of poker are designed to help beginners and professional players to improve their game and learn some new tricks to improve their odds of winning. Whether you are a poker professional or a beginner, winning is the most important thing in the end. With the poker gaming professionalism increasing and the stakes increasing, it is highly important to add some Aces up your sleeve under crunch situations, and for that training courses are essential.

What are the best poker training courses for beginners?

A lot of sites offer poker courses for those who are just starting off. These courses include only basic information but are useful for learning the rules of the game and some advanced tips and tricks. It depends on what game type you are looking for in a course. For Texas Holdem, the best site I recommend is RedChipPoker, and for the MTT format, the best courses are available on Pokernerve.

What do poker training courses offer?

Although poker training courses offer a lot of information from basic rules of playing to how to start a game, some expert tips and tricks are what you should be looking for. The poker training courses are essential in offering poker players with the following expertise:

  • Ace tricks and tips
  • Multiple Strategies
  • Insights on crunch situations
  • Mental strategies

Which is the best course for increasing the mind’s ability to make different strategies?

The best course that I recommend for increasing the mental game level is MasterClass – Phil Ivey. It focuses on how to apply the mind to make different strategies. You can also check out other options that might seem more suitable depending on your requirements. But it is recommended to choose a course that covers all aspects of the game including its rules and ways to deal with certain situations.


Playing poker online is not only a hobby for some people but it is also considered a way to get rich. Some people might think it is sheer luck to win a game of poker, but in reality, if you follow a winning strategy and a game plan, you can improve your chances of winning. The best way to learn poker is to watch professional players play live. The strategies they use, the moves they make, and the way they deal with unlucky situations are things that can really help you with improving your game.

During poker training, you are able to watch how other experienced players deal with certain situations. This is very useful in improving your game if you already play poker. These training courses are particularly useful for those who want to start playing poker and gain some initial knowledge about the rules and regulations.

Looking at the popularity of poker, a lot of poker training sites are now available. However, before you pay any money for a poker course online, it is recommended to first get an idea of what type of courses are actually useful. Since some people play poker to make serious money online, it will be good to spend money on something that will bring positive results in a short span of time.

We have looked at some of the best poker courses available on the internet. Before spending money on a course that will help you improve your game of poker, it is recommended to get an idea of what these courses actually offer. Some of these may be more comprehensive and useful than others. Some might be more suited to beginners, while others are designed especially for expert or seasoned players.

For anyone who is looking to enhance the level of their game and thinking ability along with the skillset has to enroll in training courses as there is always room for improvement no matter how professional you are in a given sport. Check out the courses discussed in this post and then choose one that fulfills your requirements and answers all your queries regarding poker.

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