Razz poker- rules and how to play the game? 

Razz poker is a game where you have to make the lowest possible hands to win the pot. If you compare razz poker is similar to study poker! If you note 7 card stud rules then you can easily understand razz poker. 


Razz poker and study poker- differences

There are three differences between the two-game

  • Differences in player bringing in action at the beginning of the 1st betting rounds. 
  • Gamer bringing an action on any street
  • Difference in the way winning hand is decided

Razz poker- how to play? 

As we already told that razz poker is the same as 7 card stud. It means the way to deal with the game is also identical. The dealer deal with the player left to the dealer and two face-down cards are given to each player. After that one face-up card or door, the card is dealt in sequence. 

As each player gets 2 down cards as well as one door card, you are ready to start- 

  1. Like in the stud game, the razz game needs the player to bring in is decided by the door card value of each player. The player with the highest door card value is brought in. 
  2. Rank of the door card is as per face value from low to high: jack, queen, and king. 
  3. Aces are seen as low or good, and a king card is seen as a high-value card. 
  4. The suits are arranged alphabetically from worse to best example- club, diamond, heart, and spade. 
  5. Similarly, as in stud, the razz player has to bring two choices- bet an amount same to ante, or bet fill amount or complete the bet. 

Rules of the game

  • Ante-at the beginning of the game, every player ante a nominal amount. It depends on the game and is displayed in the title bar of the table. In a game having a limit of 1/2, the ante will be 0.15. 
  • Third street- every player is given 3 cards two hidden and one faced up. The player with a high value of the exposed card brings in and starts. Making other bet or choose a full bet. The action takes place in a clockwise way until the Betting round ends. 
  • On the fourth street- all players get to receive the next exposed card. The first player again will be the one with the strongest exposed hand. This player will then either bet or check. The amount in this round will be a small bet. 
  • Fifth street- when the player receives an exposed card name the Sixth Street. The same process like fifth-round continues. 
  • Seventh street- every player is often seventh as well as a final card with Facedown. There is final betting round. And if there remains more than one player there will be a showdown. 

Showdown determines winner

In this showdown, the raiser or last bettor shows their card first. The player with 5 best card ace to 5 low hand makes winning! 

Therefore these are the rules and methods to play the razz poker!  Now, that you know the rules and can find a casino to play a game!

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