How to play online poker badugi?

Nowadays Badugi gain more popularity among gamblers. Want to know more about Badugi keep read this article. Badugi is one of the famous poker games. You can play this poker game live and also offline. This game is very adventurous and fun to play. Basically “badugi” is a card game. This card game shares many features as compared to other card games. This poker is completely different for analyze the winning game. In this poker game, draw cards like 2-7 triple-draw lowball. Unlike traditional poker, badugi ranks cards in order such as low to high. In this game, lower card ranks are superior.


What does Badugi mean?

The word badugi is created from the South Korean dictionary “baduk”. That means “white and black pattern”. Just like you may see in the game. In 1980, the badugi game was played as namely “off suit lowball” in North America. However, in Toronto, it was played as a high-low game.

Method to play badugi poker games

There are many ways in which the game is play. However, in this article, you will learn different ways to play badugi. To read more scroll below.

  1. Mostly badugi poker is known as “blind play”. In this game, the bettor to the left side of the agent place in a small blind. However, the player to the left of the small blind player places a large blind.
  2. Always game starts with the bettor on the left side of the agent. Furthermore, moves in a clockwise direction around the table. Every bettor got a chance to face four cards. While one card once at a time.
  3. When all bettors wager their four cards. Then the betting phase starts with the bettor who sits to the left of the big blind player.
  4. Whenever the first phase of betting has been completed. Then all players can enter in the first drawing round.
  5. Now starts with the bettor/player who sits left side of the agent. The bettor announces how many cards he/she throw away to the table. Then exchanges new cards in place of old ones.
  6. The agent collects all of the cards to that bettors together. Furthermore, proceeds to the next bettor in the game.
  7. The second phase of betting starts when all bettors will collect their new cards. Now play starts with the better-left side of the agent.
  8. However, the player can go for not to throw away any cards. This process is called rapping pat or standing pat.
  9. This process will repeat up to:
  • The rest player will fold and only one player will be left in the game.
  • The betting phase has been completed after the third phase of drawing.

This is all about the Badugi poker game. Hope you will get details related to the betting phase and blind in this section. However, you will get about how to play Badugi poker actually when you try once. You can go either for an offline casino or go for live poker. Furthermore, you can find an online poker site to play Badugi poker online. You can also try free Badugi poker games online.

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