5 card draw is a basic form of poker and you might have seen it on TV and in movies. There have been so many variations in this game. Hence, if you wish to play this game then understand the rules as well as the gameplay of this game. 


5 card draw – how to play this game? 

The aim of 5 card draw is simple- in this game, you have to make 5 best cards hand after one draw and make the bet accordingly. The player in the second round making the best hand wins the pot. 

Blinds and antes

In 5 card draw, there are two ways to play- ante or blind

Ante is an original way to play the game and this. the method is used in home games. In this, all players pay predetermined ante and then deal with any cards. 

In blinds two players left to dealer pay before dealing with the card. The player left to dealer pays small blind while the player to the left of small blind makes big blind. The blind amount can be any but is usually half the big blind.

Rules of the game

As every player has anted or has been paid the dealer deals with them, giving 5 cards with face down. As cards are distributed, the first round of Betting starts. If you are playing as blinds then betting will begin with the player left to the big blind. For antes, betting begins with the player left to the dealer. The first player in the ante game is enabled to check (means they can choose to stay in a hand). 

 Rules of the draw

Once the Betting round is finished, the draw begins with the player nearest to left of the dealer. If the player hasn’t folded then they have a chance to change the number of cards. They can choose to keep or throw away any number of the card. 

2nd betting round and showdown

As the player gets new cards they have to evaluate the hands and they move to the final betting round (2nd round). After this, there is a showdown round when more than one player left! One with 5 best card poker hand wins the pot! 

Strategy to play

  • Don’t play with a lot of hands. This is the biggest mistake player makes! 
  • Come in a pot with raise than a limo
  • Do not draw flushes and straight late in the hand as it can be troublesome. 
  • If you had a pair, then draw 3 cards. 

Therefore, these are the rules of 5 card poker and the strategies to play! You can understand easily this game if you have played Texas hold’em. The game has similarities and so, you make wins knowing all the rules. You can also go throw the gameplay and other details of the games. Looking at the videos and seeing what mistakes other players make can make you understand how to win the pot. 

You can easily find the game in any casino and enjoy it and earn cash prizes by playing!

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