Tips to play 2-7 triple draw lowball poker

2-7 triple draw is a popular poker variation that has gained the attention of gamblers. As the game is appreciated a lot, let learn more about this poker variant and how to play it. Also, we will look at few strategies of 2-7 poker. 


2-7 triple draw

2-7 poker is a fixed limit game (like limit hold’em) therefore, there is a small as well as big bet. Thus, the bets are twice the blind as well as refer as the name of game. For example, if a game is 50c/$1 then the blinds will be 25c/50c. In this game, the bet will be 50c in the initial two rounds and $1 in the other two betting rounds. 

Limit poker is a game where you may take time to adjust according to the different betting structures. The fold equity is lowered because each hand has 4 bets. 


2-7 triple draw lowball is also known as Kansas City lowball is a game where players aim to make the worst poker hand. Yeah… In a game, the player needs to get the lowest five cards to win the bet. 

Rules of this game

2-7 lowball is different from a blind game where the players left to the dealer put in the dealer put in the small blind and the player left to the small blind have to make big blinds. the game starts from the player on the laptop the dealer and moves in the clockwise rotation around the table. Each player is given 5 cards and once the five cards are distributed the first round begins with players left to the big blind. 

As the first betting round is finished, the player is directed to the first drawing round. Then players on the dealer’s left announce some cards they want to throw from their hands and receive new cards. 

The dealer deals with the call the card of a player and then moves to another player if a player chooses to keep his card and not throw it is known as rapping pat. 

If the player chooses to throw all the 5 cards, then the dealer will give them ou 4 new cards. 5th card is given only after all the players get their card. If it is the last player who discards all his cards then the dealer deals them with 4 cards and the last card is burn means it is faced down and given to the player. 

After receiving cards again, the second round begins and it starts with the player left to the dealer. The game continues until one player is left while others are folded. 

Rules of the game

  1. The player with the best 2-7 lowball hand wins when all rounds are completed
  2. Counting of hands starts with the highest card in hand
  3. The best 2-7 lowball hand is 7-5-4-3-2
  4. Flushes, straight, and pairs count against the players
  5. Having straight will not kill the hand however lessen its value. 
  6. Ace is used as a high card. If ace is a high card then 5-4-3-2A will not be taken as straight however A-5 is high.
  7. If the player holds the Same hand the pot is spilled among them. 

These are the rules of a 2-7 triple-draw low ball. Now you can also practice and play the game with ease.

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