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The given Privacy Policy depicts the way collects, stores, and protects users’ personal info and data provided to get full access to all of the services and content available at

Make sure you read the section thoroughly in order to clarify all major points and issues of the Privacy Policy. If you access the website content or decide to use any of the services delivered by as well as affiliates or other third parties, you automatically agree with the given terms. Please, avoid using the website in case you disagree with any of the points described below. 

The website engages with users and guarantees implementing secure practices and technologies to keep your personal data safe. Users are responsible for providing valid info. Website administration is not responsible for any fake or expired data. 

What Info Is Collected by

The website collects and stores the data provided in different ways. Users are free to indicate their info when interacting with the website administration directly by means of email, phone or other means to stay in touch. 

In some cases, users may be asked to fill in special forms. They include personalized offers, paid subscriptions, newsletters, and other services provided by the website. Users are free to share their personal info when participating in public discussions or leaving comments. The website uses cookies or similar algorithms to collect data. 

Users are free to accept cookies or disable them. In case of disabled cookies, the website administration cannot guarantee full access to all services and content available at At the same time, guarantees using latest software and algorithms to prevent your personal info from any kind of frauds. 

How We Protect Users’ Data

We use the latest technologies to keep users’ personal data safe. Every time you provide personal details (email address, name, billing info, etc.), the website uses encrypted technologies that enable authenticated connections by means of TLS. Such algorithms ensure 100% of data safety. 

After the info has been collected, it is automatically sent to our secure servers with limited access. We never share that access with third parties. The data is processed by the website administration. The info may be processed by third parties or shared with the affiliates only with the written permission from the user. 

The website administration is not responsible for data losses resulted in the inappropriate sharing or provision initiated by the user.  

Cookies uses cookies and technologies alike to collect and store all personal data as prescribed by the given privacy policy. Every time a user accesses the website, sends a piece of code to the user’s PC or any other device to track, collect, and store necessary data. It may include a user’s location, IP address, operating system, etc. 

The website uses cookies to ensure fast and smooth access to the content and service provided by the The technology makes it easy to create and assign a unique ID for every user, remember the data, and provide faster access to the content. Such an approach is implemented in favor of users as well as ensures a better level of interaction and engagement. 

As a rule, the majority of browsers are set so that cookies are accepted automatically. However, you may switch to another browser and disable them manually. You may also go to your existing browser settings and disable the automatic cookie acceptance. However, if you do so, we do not guarantee full and trouble-free access to all of the website assets. 

Links to Third-Party Websites may contain links to third parties, affiliates or training program, providers. Please, note that the given policy only refers to The website administration is not responsible for any violation of the given terms by third party websites. Users follow the link at their own risk and accept the Privacy Policy of the third party resource they visit. We recommend contacting the third-party administration to clarify the terms before you use the link to follow. 

Updates, Changes, and Amendments never stops developing and evolving. We implement latest technologies to ensure the best users’ experience. For this reason, the website administration reserves the right to make any change, update or amendment in the given Privacy Policy without notifying the user. 

If you continue using the website, you automatically agree with the amendments and changes made. We recommend checking the given section to stay in touch with the latest updates. Do not use the website in case you disagree with any of the statements described. If you agree with the section, continue to the Site